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*I have received the Moderna vaccine and booster for Covid-19

Free Consultation

Finding a doula you connect with is critical.  Please reach out and set up a phone call/Zoom/meeting with me, and let's chat about what it is you are looking for in a doula, and what I offer in my services.   No contract is signed or deposit paid until both parties are confident and excited!


My fee is $1950. A deposit of $975 is made when we sign the Letter of Agreement, and the remaining $975 is paid when your on-call period begins at 38 weeks gestation.

**If finances are a concern please reach out to me!

Phone & Email Support

Once you have hired me, I will be available by phone, text, and email to support, listen, provide feedback, and offer suggestions and resources.  I ask that you update me after each visit with your care provider; after 36 weeks gestation, that update must be via phone.

2-3 Prenatal Visits

We’ll meet for prenatal preparation sessions in the comfort of your home. We'll explore your priorities, preferences, and expectations as well as any fears or potential concerns.  As your doula, I honor your preferences and wishes.  At these visits we discuss and practice relaxation and comfort techniques and labor strategies.


During our meeting(s) we will spend time giving your partner practical tips and guidance on how to provide the best possible support during labor, the best that suit each of you.

During these visits we also discuss your birth plan to share with your care provider and bring to your hospital/birth center to ensure cohesiveness in your birthing team. 

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform Any Clinical Tasks

Such as  blood pressure checks, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, etc.  I am here to provide physical comfort, emotional support and information. 

Make decisions for you 

I will help you get the information necessary to make an informed decision; I will also remind you if there is a departure from your birth plan. 

On Call 

I am on call for you from 38 weeks until you go into labor.  On call means that I will not travel more than one hour from your home or birthing location.  During this time I am reachable 24 hours a day and ready to respond to you. When you are in early labor, I will join you at your home or hospital/birth center whenever YOU would like me to join you.  I will remain with you from then on until baby is born. I do not charge any extra fees for labors that extend past 24 hours. 

I also have a TENS Unit to loan to my clients from 37 weeks on, to use in early labor, with training from me. 

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I cannot speak to the staff instead of you regarding matters where decisions are being made.  I can ask questions of the hospital staff and care providers for more information or clarification, and I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you will speak on your behalf to the clinical staff. 

In Labor

Throughout your labor I remain with you and your partner.  I inform you of signs of labor progress and offer position suggestions appropriate for the stages of labor. I offer massage, counter pressure, aromatherapy, acupressure, and TENS. 


I provide continual emotional support and encouragement, and work with you and partner to experience a healthy and  positive labor and birth experience.  I will take photographs at your request and also take quick notes every hour or so, to provide you with a labor and birth timeline. 

I have many tools in my doula bag to enable the best possible birth! 

Baby’s First Feeding Support 

If you wish to breastfeed, I am happy to assist you with getting baby's first latch perfect! 

Postpartum Follow-up Visit 

I will be available to you to answer any questions or concerns via phone and email in the days and weeks following birth.  I will visit 1-2 times in the 6 weeks postpartum to go over the memory of your labor and birth, provide you with the timeline, and gush over gorgeous new baby! 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

I provide non-judgmental unconditional support.  My top goal is to provide you with evidence based information so you can make educated and authentic choices.  My paramount priority is to enable you to have an empowering, positive, and healthy labor and birth. 

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