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~Pamela A, December 2023



Kim helped us create the loving, empowering birth experience that we’d hoped for. 

As first time parents in our 40s, our pregnancy was considered higher risk due to advanced maternal age. We wanted the support of a doula to educate us and help navigate our care options, help us plan for a positive birth experience, and be there to guide us during labor and delivery. 

Kim came highly recommended by a friend - and she was a perfect match for our needs. From our first meeting, Kim made us feel comfortable and supported. She came to our home multiple times to discuss our birth preferences and teach us about labor positions and prenatal exercises. 


Halfway through the pregnancy, our original OB/GYN practice stopped offering L&D services. Kim recommended a midwifery-focused practice which was better aligned to our birth preferences. We worked with a group of OB doctors and midwives. Kim was a sounding board to help us make decisions that were right for our family.

Kim was 24/7 on-call in the lead up to our due date (and beyond it, as our baby arrived two weeks late). She provided advice on natural induction techniques, as well as answered questions by phone during our hospital induction. 

Once I went into active labor, Kim arrived within the hour and stayed by our side the entire time. Her calm, reassuring manner kept me focused and motivated. Any time I found myself drifting to say “I can’t do this”, Kim encouraged me to come back to my breathing and meditation. Thanks to Kim, we experienced a successful unmedicated vaginal birth in a positive, supportive environment. 

Kim will be your most enthusiastic supporter. She loves the birthing process and offers a wealth of evidence-based information to new parents. We highly recommend her services!


~ Monica & Alex R, November 2023

It was such a blessing to have found Kim! 

From our first meeting with Kim, she made us feel comfortable and confident in our ability to have the pregnancy and birth that we were envisioning. She is always fully prepared to guide and educate. We were so grateful for her transparency and availablity throughout the whole process. She answered our questions in a timely and thorough fashion and if she ever didn't have all of the information, she would go the extra mile to ask her trusted sources (she has a lot of them!) and find the answers for us.

When our birth plan had to change because of a breech baby, she was our rock in holding steady to explore every possible way to still have the natural vaginal birth we wanted. And when we ultimately had to have a c section she was there supporting us before and after surgery. And she doesn't disappear after birth! Kim would check in and make sure postpartum life was going well and would remind us of things discussed previously. She even came to our house the day after we got home from the hospital because we hadn't slept at all and were having a rough time adjusting to being parents. She is AMAZING and really cares for her clients. 

Kim's encouragement, support, personable and trustworthy nature, as well as her expertise in being doula made for a smooth, enjoyable, and spiritually uplifting experience. She is one of a kind and clearly has an innate gift for being a doula. 

~ Christiana H, November 2023



To my husband and I, choosing a doula felt like choosing a new family member. There is a huge amount of trust and intimacy between the birthing team, and we were very aware that the decisions our doula helped us make would affect all of us, including our baby. Writing this 6 weeks post partum, I am so grateful we chose Kim to be a part of our birthing family.

Meeting Kim felt like talking to a sister or cousin that I never knew I had. Her warmth and caring spirit created the calming, safe atmosphere I relied on during pregnancy, delivery and into post partum. During our initial meetings she listened carefully to our preferences and concerns while providing a wealth of knowledge. For a first time mother, the unknowns of birth are scary. The stories you hear (the pain! the nudity! the pooping on the table!) were not only normalized, but reframed by Kim’s positive perspective as beautiful, joyful work that your body can intuitively handle.

Kim was always available to answer questions and responded quickly. She helped us prepare our birth preferences without judgment and showed us different positions and coping techniques to use at home or at the hospital.

When our birth preferences did not go to plan (as they rarely do), Kim was essential in helping us achieve an experience that was as close to what we wanted as possible. She was a steadfast guide through contractions, taking care of both my partner and myself. She offered comfort massages and counter pressure, suggested new positions and reminded us to eat and drink. Kim was there through every contraction, every breath, and every heartbeat. Instead of feeling like birth was something that happened to us, she helped us feel more in control of our experience. Without her, I'm sure the outcomes, both physical and mental, would be something I regret.

Do not hesitate to make Kim a part of your birthing team. You, your partner and your little one will be better for it.


~ Maria V, September 2023


Kim is one of the most talented, kind natured, warm hearted souls you will come across in your lifetime. From the moment we met Kim on a zoom call, it was clear that we needed her to be present at the birth of our son.

The education and check-ins that Kim provided throughout my pregnancy and beyond were more than what most doulas would ever offer. Kim felt like that family member you could just call at any time and she will never let you down. The valuable advice postpartum is something that is so important and I completely underestimated until I was going through it.

During my labor (which was 36 hours!), Kim never left our side. She showed my husband how to help me in my time of need and allowing us that time to connect. She went for hours without any sleep or food just so that she wouldn’t miss a beat in supporting me. I’ve never felt so supported and taken care of during such a vulnerable time in my life and I couldn’t be happier that Kim was there through it all.

Thank you, Kim for being part of our “A Team”, we will forever remember how you showed up for us.


~ Ariella & Josh, July 2023


I had no idea how fantastic and helpful it would be to have Kim as my doula when I hired her for the birth of my first child. She is the perfect blend of cheerleader, support, and endlessly reassuring advice when it's needed. While she is always careful to remind you she's not a medical professional, I found the breadth of her knowledge on nearly any question I had related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum more detailed and grounded than anything I received/could find elsewhere. She is evidence-based but warm and nuanced in her approach throughout.

She met with us several times in person before the birth to speak with us about planning and show me various exercises and techniques I could use leading up to and then during labor. Exceedingly generous with her time, she was never rushed and even stoped by to do some extra work with us when I was past my due date. When I unexpectedly had to navigate decisions around induction, stalled labor, and some other challenges, it was tremendously reassuring to have her guidance and presence throughout the process. In the end, through circumstances beyond my control, my birth experience was very different from what we had planned, but her physical and mental support meant that I can look back with pride and confidence on every decision we had to make and know that we took the best possible approach at any given moment. I know this would not have been the case without her.

Postpartum, she has continued to check in with us daily with encouragement and realistic advice about recovery. 

Kim went above and beyond our expectations for what a doula could be - you should not hesitate to hire her!    - Ariella



Why would anyone give birth without a doula? That's what I found myself wondering while Kim helped me and my wife through a birth where nothing went according to plan. And there's really no good answer to the question except "I didn't even know doulas were a thing."

But if you're here, then you've heard of doulas, and Kim is one of the best. Kim's encyclopedic knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth was essential in creating a birth plan that reflected our values and made us feel confident approaching the birth of our first child.


Babies rarely come according to plan, but we felt prepared for almost every scenario. Kim also knows the personalities and preferences of many local labor nurses and OBs, so she was great in helping us navigate the choices we faced at the hospital. 

Even more than her knowledge, we gained so much from Kim's deep wisdom and insight. During

our initial meetings, Kim took the time to get to know us. During the most intense moments of labor, Kim knew how to use her powerful, calming presence to keep us grounded.  

Another expression of Kim's caring and creativity is the report she prepared based on notes she

took during labor. These observations helped to turn events lost to the labor "fog of war" into lasting memories of our daughter's birth. 

As our advocate, champion, and a literal shoulder to lean on, Kim was the perfect doula for us. You'll also be grateful to work with her!                   - Josh

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~ Krista M, July 2023

My experience working with Kim was absolutely wonderful! From the first moment that she called me to discuss her services through my birth experience, and throughout the weeks postpartum, Kim was a true partner that showed her top notch expertise, compassion, knowledge and caring nature.

Kim is very knowledgeable about the hospital setting, which really helped me achieve the birth I wanted in the hospital. Kim created an open relationship throughout my pregnancy, shared tips on how to navigate pregnancy and labor just the way I desired, and was there by our side during the birth.

I attribute her gentle nature and wisdom to us achieving a calm, peaceful and unmedicated birth.

Kim checked in with us right away after birth and for several weeks as well, knowing exactly what we needed, what we were most likely going through, and offering her guidance and support. Kim is highly recommended by us to support you in whatever your birth goals are. 

Tess & Hardik V, July 2023

My wife found Kim on the DONA site and was incredibly excited after speaking to her, since they had connected so well. She had interviewed a few others but was repeatedly drawn back to Kim.

Upon our first meeting in our house, Kim’s energy made both of us feel incredibly safe in her capable hands and she taught both of us a lot about the birthing process including exercises to do at home to expedite labor and alleviate the discomfort.


My wife ended up being induced but Kim was there every step of the way to coach both of us into making the best possible decisions, including asking questions to the staff on our behalf since we were both new to all of this.


She was a pillar in the room, taking notes and keeping track of everything, so that I could focus on my wife. She also made sure my wife was fed, hydrated and kept cool and relaxed (with things like a wet cloth on her forehead every few minutes).

After a long labor where she was a great advocate and cheerleader, she helped welcome our baby girl into the world and made sure my wife was able to bond with her immediately. We still stay in touch and send her pictures as our baby grows up and plan to continue doing so. Cannot recommend enough!    --Hardik

We found Kim on the DONA website and are so glad we did! To say she’s amazing is an absolute understatement. She helped me through one of the most challenging times of my life and I could NOT have had the birth I wanted without her support.


Even from our initial phone call, I knew she was the perfect doula for us. The call was going to be a quick 15 minutes, and it ended up being close to an hour because we just hit it off so well, and Kim listened to me and helped me process my previous loss.

Kim is very knowledgeable and provided me with plenty of coping techniques and stretches to do before labor. I ended up being induced, which wasn’t what I had wanted but, Kim helped me and my husband navigate the intense labor.


Without her constant encouragement and affirmation, I would have ended up with an epidural and an episiotomy against my wishes. She advocated for me at my most vulnerable. She guided me as I sung and screamed our daughter into this world, and ensured I had time to bond with her before all of the testing was done. After I returned home, she made me a delicious bone broth to help me heal.

Even at 4 months postpartum, we still keep in touch, and we honestly think of her as family. I recommend Kim wholeheartedly, without any question. If we do decide to have another child, we will definitely be asking her to be our doula again!         --Tess


~ Tucker & Sameer M, April 2023

When we found out we were expecting a baby in 2022, we were excited, but apprehensive.  We wanted a supportive care team that affirmed our right to make decisions about our care, educated us about the options involved in birth, and treated us with respect.  Fortunately, a friend suggested we meet with Kim.  We were skeptical about doulas, but as soon as our first meeting with Kim started, we both felt our apprehension start going away.  Kim was very well versed in evidence-based birthing techiques, and always had practical suggestions, like exercises and stretches (she even lent us a yoga ball!).  To prepare us for labor, Kim shared a roadmap of what to expect.  When we had questions about breastfeeding, Kim had answers.

Together, we drew up a plan for a natural birth in a hospital.  However, our baby had different plans in store! Tucker's labor progressed very quickly.  Within just a few hours, we realized something was unusual and called Kim.  Right away, Kim came over.  Tucker had gone through the early stages of labor very quickly.  Kim coached us through what we needed to do.  Shortly after Kim arrived, Tucker went into transition.  We had barely gotten out of the house and into the car, when our baby girl arrived. 


*Doula's Note: Tucker's labor went incredibly fast, and I was honored to catch their baby immediately after helping Tucker get into the back of the car, whilst still in the driveway!

Kim helped us stay calm and knew exactly what to do.  While we were waiting for an ambulance to arrive, she asked Sameer to go into the house to get supplies to clean off the baby.  She came with us to the hospital, helping to coach us through nursing, and she even came back to our home before we were discharged to clean it before our arrival.

We are incredibly fortunate that Kim guided us through pregnancy, labor, and the early days of our daughter's life.  Kim treated us with respect and kindness, generously shared her knowledge, and was unfailingly supportive.  We highly recommend her services as a doula.


~ Ashley & Nicole K, March 2023

My wife and I were on the journey of having our first child. After multiple attempts through IVF we were finally successful. After a few months of midwife visits and mentally preparing for birth, we decided to research to find the best doula ever, Kim! We had our initial visit on zoom and knew instantly she was the best fit for our family. Little did we know she would be a part of our lives forever. The reassurance of her vast knowledge throughout our pregnancy and birth journey was invaluable.

Kim met with us a few times at our home to review our birth plan, talk about pregnancy symptoms, exercises, birthing positions, etc. The sure details and organization of her meetings put both of our minds at ease. Throughout the whole process Kim remained easy to reach and answered every question possible.

Drawing closer to our due date, we constantly stayed in contact with Kim. Whether it was a small twinge of labor pain or actual contractions she was full of knowledge of what to do. Not only was she there for my wife going through her pregnancy and labor but she is extremely helpful with anything the partner also needs. Whether it was providing me with material/books to read or telling me I needed to eat, she was there!

The day was here, we were having our first child! We stayed in contact with Kim throughout the night before updating her on specific changes we were seeing and feeling. She answered every call and text without question. She was reminding of us of the ways to ease the labor pains and to breathe in the moment. Her support through this initial stage is unmatched. Once we decided it was time to head to the hospital, Kim was right behind us the whole way! With my in-labor wife asking me why we are parking so far away from the door, I remembered Kim suggesting taking the walk and that we did!

Checking into the hospital while in labor is not fun at all but having Kim that understood the process and was our voice that allowed us to focus on each other and the moment. We wanted to have an all-natural childbirth. Following our birth plan was our main concern within the hospital and Kim made that happen! All my laboring wife wanted to do was get in the tub to relieve the labor pains. Once we were finally out of triage she was put right in the tub. Kim was right by our sides the whole process and it was amazing. We accomplished an all-natural birth, and our daughter was finally here!

Kim was full of postpartum knowledge and recommended lactation consultants that she was familiar with. This was super helpful! Our daughter is now 7 months old, and Kim is still asking how our family is doing. We plan to continue to grow our family within the next few years. Wherever we are Kim will be our Doula!


Ashley, Nicole and Lennon <3

~ Heather K,  January 2023

Hiring Kim was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. I always wanted to be a mom, but was afraid of childbirth. As a single mother by choice, I wouldn't have support from a partner. And although my mom was very supportive, I felt that I needed more from someone more experienced to guide me and ease some of my anxiety. My midwife recommended hiring Kim. From the first meeting through Zoom, she immediately put me at ease. Her guidance and the phrases she used made me think of the process differently and made me feel like I could handle whatever came my way.

We met a few times before the birth to talk about things to expect, how to relieve pregnancy symptoms, different birthing positions, natural pain relief options, and my birth plan. I'm don't usually feel comfortable reaching out and asking for help, but Kim made me feel very comfortable and shared wonderful ideas throughout my pregnancy.

On the day I had my daughter, we stayed in contact through text and phone calls. She answered all my questions and reminded me of things we had previously discussed (I almost forgot to use the TENS unit!). She met my mom and me at the hospital and was a huge support through the very quick birth and subsequent stitching. Throughout my labor she gave me suggestions of different positions, reminded me about my breathing, said positive affirmations, and held my hand. I wanted to have a natural childbirth, and because of Kim, and my daughter coming so quickly, I was able to do it!

She visited my daughter and me twice after we returned home. She brought me food, talked through what to expect in the postpartum period, discussed my postpartum anxiety and depression, gave suggestions to help my daughter, and gave recommendations for lactation consultants. My daughter is now 6 months old, and Kim still reaches out to check on us.

I plan to add to our family in a few years, and we will definitely hire Kim again!

We love Kim!!


~ AnnMarie G, December 2022



Kim was an amazing doula and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Throughout my pregnancy, Kim frequently met with my husband and I. She provided a lot of useful information about L&D and beyond, including breast feeding. I shared with her my anxiety about L&D. She was compassionate and knowledgble, she was able to put my mind at ease and together we developed a birth plan.

When we went to L&D, Kim was so encouraging and supportive. Just as suspected, when we got to the hospital, the doctor tried to convince me to get an epidural, which was not in my birth plan. I second guessed myself and the process. Kim looked me right in the eyes and said, you can do this, you don't need the epidural. We continued the labor process without one. Kim helped me switch laboring positioned every 5-10 contractions. She was by my side the entire time and encouraged me to eat and drink. She was consistent with encouraging mantras such as "You got this," "You are so strong," and "Breathe baby down." Her words gave me an incredible sense of confidence.

In addition, she encouraged me to use my husband as a laboring prop and this helped bring us closer together. He was able to actively participate, and he was also able to provide that encouragement and supportiveness that I needed. 

After the baby's birth, Kim checked in on us several times and scheduled a follow-up meeting where we could share notes. She gave us information about baby milestones and continued to help me with breast feeding support and provide resources.

I cannot say enough good things about Kim and I highly highly recommend her. She is the perfect combination of knowledgable and supportive.


~ Rebecca T, December 2022

After searching for more than 20 doulas, I found Kim through the DONA website and from the first moment we met through zoom we felt so comfortable and at ease. Kim is a kind and chill lady and we couldn't be happier to choose her as our doula! After meeting a few times over zoom and in person, we created the birth plan and Kim was available to answer any questions I had.


As a first time mom, I wouldn't want to recommend anyone else. Even when my birth plan didn't go as planned, Kim stayed with us at the hospital until the baby was born and helped to reassure my goals even when I was exhausted and ready to collapse.


She went above and beyond to care and be there for support. After our daughter was born, she helped me navigate through the postpartum period and was available by phone or text.


After the last meet up, we still keep in touch and we send her pictures every now and then of our daughter since she has become a special friend to us. 



~ Daniele & Matias, November 2022

Kim was absolutely amazing and I couldn't have the labor I had if it wasn't for her support. Prior to labor, she visited us a few times and was always super patient and helpful answering all our questions. Close to my due date, she provided a TENS machine and taught us how to use it.

I always wanted an unmedicated labor, but my water broke and I had to be induced unexpectedly. Kim came to my house that day and provided multiple suggestions for helping me get into labor spontaneously. She was always kind and patient. 

During my induction, Kim was by my side the whole time and always supported me during the contractions, reminding me to eat and drink throughout. The TENS machine was amazing and really helped me withstanding the contractions without medication. When my contractions were close to unbearable, she helped me discuss with my provider alternatives to an epidural. With her help, I was able to bear the contractions and have an almost unmedicated birth that I wanted. I had a very long pushing stage and she provided many helpful suggestions and stood by me side the entire time. 

I had a very easy recovery and my baby was born super healthy and I know Kim played a huge part in that. My husband was initially skeptical about hiring a Doula and he loved having her support and was glad we did it. Kim also had a lot of experience with my midwifery provider which helped me go into labor confident about their low-intervention approach. 

After my baby was born, Kim checked in a few times and brought a labor summary, which I absolutely loved. 

I HIGHLY recommend her as a Doula and truly hope she is available for my next baby. - Daniele




My experience with Kim was absolutely fantastic. I am the baby's father and she was always there for my wife and me during my wife's first pregnancy. She answered questions, provided learning materials, helped us set expectations, and guided us through the birth of our first child. Kim played a key role in helping us have the low/no intervention birth experience that we were seeking. 

She was there with us during labor, providing her deep knowledge and support during the whole process. Both my wife and I were really happy that we chose Kim as our doula. 

If you ever have the chance to work with Kim, I’d totally recommend that you take it.   -Matias


~ Daphne O, November 2022

I wish for every birthing person to have Kim by their side. She is pure joy, incredibly wise, understanding, caring, grounding, and an amazing doula.

From day one my partner and I knew we wanted Kim by our side because of her grounding energy and vibrant charm. Kim came highly recommended by our provider at Delaware Valley Midwifery.

My questions throughout this new adventure were all answered by Kim with care and confidence in her evidence based practice. I learned so much from Kim, as did my partner. When I need to be soothed and reassured, Kim was always there, a call away. She helped guide my partner to be a magnificent coach through my labor, teaching us different hands on techniques, cues to look for, and ways to stay connected through labor. We felt very prepared going into to labor with Kim’s diverse array of practices she shared with us, from birth plans to movement exercises.

When the day arrived to bring my little one Earthside, Kim was by my side throughout. Her intuitive instincts guided my partner and I to take time alone together when needed and to step in to coach me through contractions, different movement techniques, and grounding touch. I felt so secure and safe in her care. Kim worked beautifully alongside my midwife, who both helped me deliver a healthy baby girl.

The postpartum care I received from Kim brings tears to my eyes. I was not expecting to have such a difficult time recovering but felt so nourished and cared for by Kim throughout postpartum.

I feel eternally grateful for Kim and her guidance and presence through this transformational journey of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She is a true gift to this world.


~Yasmeen F, November, 2022


Working with Kim was the best decision I made for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Kim is a well of knowledge and she shares that knowledge thoughtfully and without judgment, ultimately letting you make your own decisions. Her insights led us to switch from an OB practice to a midwife practice, which was much more aligned with my desire for a low-intervention birth. This resulted in more personalized, respectful care, which was key when I received a gestational diabetes diagnosis in the 3rd trimester.

In addition to that recommendation, Kim helped both my husband and I understand what to expect in labor and what postpartum support should look like! We lined up meal trains and visits to help us get food and rest during postpartum.

Leading up to labor Kim loaned us a TENS unit (which I used in early labor), a rebozo, and a birth ball. Aside from all the resources and tools, what I remember most is how much she cares. So much!! She checks in to see how you're feeling, listens carefully, answers any and all questions, and offers support with patience and grace, even while you're deep in labor land. This was so essential for me as I lacked that kind of support in my own family. 

I had a relatively fast-moving labor for a first-time mom and Kim was in contact via phone and text from the first contraction. She was waiting when we pulled up to the hospital entrance and was the motivating and centering presence I needed during one of the most intense experiences of my life. Although my memory of labor exists in flashes (thank you nitrous) I vividly remember Kim giving me apple juice to keep my energy up, helping me switch positions to keep labor progressing, and rubbing my feet to refocus me when transition was overwhelming. Her warmth carried both me and my partner through intense labor and helped us truly enjoy those precious early weeks with our baby. I can't thank her enough for giving us those beautiful memories.


~ Sara C, October 2022

Kim Mancuso is an exceptional, experienced doula. She is personable, knowledgeable, empathetic, & very professional. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a supportive, caring doula.
We "found" Kim through a personal recommendation. Her website was informative & clear, and at our first meeting, we quickly clicked & formed a connection, which is important during the intimate journey of childbirth. Then Kim met with my husband & I numerous times before delivery & suggested helpful books, courses, virtual material, social media sites & other informational sources. This helped me feel knowledgeable about labor & empowered about my choices. She offered useful physical exercises & techniques, & the use of her TENS unit & peanut ball to get me ready for labor. She was also familiar with my obgyn/midwife group & the hospital where our child would be born.
Although I wanted a spontaneous labor & non-medicated vaginal birth, I ended up having an induction at 41 weeks. With Kim’s advice & preparation I was well prepared physically & mentally, resulting in minimal intervention & a good unmedicated vaginal birth. It was a positive, beautiful & intense experience. All the time, Kim was there to rub my back, massage the cramps out of my legs, offer me juice & water, say encouraging & supportive words, count through the contractions, & suggest new positions if one became uncomfortable. She supported my husband & was very respectful of the nurses & midwives.
Kim makes you feel unique. She answers questions, checks in regularly, gives you her full attention, & honors your wishes. This helped us make an informed & evidence-based decision about induction that had a positive outcome. We appreciated working with Kim & are happy to have had her be part of our son’s birth. If you need a doula, go with Kim!

Eliot Mohney
Eliot Mohney

~ Caroline E, March 2022 

Choosing Kim as our birth doula was the best decision we made in preparation for the birth of our first baby. After our first visit with her, it was clear we needed her much more than I had realized! Kim radiates positivity especially when talking about birth, and this was absolutely pivotal for me and my husband, who previously only thought of birthing as scary and dangerous. When we realized it didn't have to be --or even feel -- that way, it changed everything. With her comforting words and hands-on support, I felt held and safe, and was able to have the vaginal and unmedicated birth I wanted with minimal intervention (although she will support any birth you hope for!). My birth preferences we discussed together were great preparation, as well as a birth class she suggested we take. Her suggestions of ways to prepare at home were huge as well (stretches and positions for optimal baby positioning, inducing labor, etc).  Her presence was also enormously helpful for my husband in quelling some of his anxiety and helping him be my biggest support and cheerleader. Kim also checked in on us frequently during the postpartum period, probably more than she had to-- it's clear she cares deeply about her clients and their well-being. Im especially grateful for the way she taught me to honor myself and my body, and all the amazing things it was doing for my baby, when my mind would slip into worry. Every phone call and visit with her restored faith I had in myself and how I would bring my son into this world. Ultimately, I wouldn't trade my experience for anything, and I will always highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula for their upcoming birth!  


~Susan B, June 2022

I hired Kim early in my pregnancy and I'm so glad i did! It gave me a lot of peace and comfort having her support early on and throughout my pregnancy.  Kim made herself available to answer any questions and concerns I had. She really was another person on my care team who understood my wishes and who was checking in on me. 

Later in pregnancy Kim came to our house and showed us some techniques to help with early labor. It was another way we built a great relationship before the birth.  Some of the positions also felt great in pregnancy too!

The last few weeks of my pregnancy is when I was most grateful to Kim.  She listened as I weighed pros and cons of big decisions that I had to make.  While always supportive and really listening to my wants and needs, she made suggestions or gave input when I asked.. Finally, I ended up with a c-section,  not the birth I had worked for and planned for,  but she was right there before and after and I was so grateful to her for it. 

Kim kept checking in on us in postpartum and came to visit us too. I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance through the whole process. I highly recommend her.  She's got this wonderful calming presence and she's very knowledgeable about birth.  She will be an asset to your birth team.


~ Emily I, December 2021

Kim's warmth and compassion shine through in everything she does. In the months and weeks leading up to birth, Kim not only sent words of encouragement and texts to check in, but also made multiple visits to our home to comprehensively understand our wishes and desires for birth.


As our estimated due date came closer, Kim came by multiple times to do body-balancing exercises, educate us about aromatherapy and learn ahead of time which scents I did or did not enjoy. Additionally, she made sure to demonstrate and teach us about pressure points and other coping mechanisms that proved crucial during labor.

During the birth itself, Kim was an invaluable member of the team. She truly physically and emotionally supported myself and my partner, at times literally holding me up. When things did not go as planned and a hospital transfer was needed, Kim kept the situation calm, supporting us at the hospital through a C-section, providing a much needed emotional backstop to both me and my partner. THEN drove back to our house in the middle of the night to retrieve a number of forgotten items and make sure that our dog got to go outside.


She visited the next day, and again a week later at home. During this second postpartum visit, Kim helped us process, understand, and make peace with our story. We will be forever grateful for Kim's incredible support, and will be the first to recommend her to friends in the area looking for doula support. 


~ M. Crawford, December 2021


Kim went way beyond our expectations as a doula! She is a natural. I think she was born to nurture! She ensured that my husband and I felt calm, prepared and informed. Her calming affect was real which was priceless when we were expecting our first born. There were so many questions I had regarding symptoms during pregnancy and she responded so quickly with explanations and advice on how to handle them. If we are blessed with another little one we will be calling Kim Mancuso right away. 

~ Kelsey & Marcus L, October 2021

I don't think a short blurb can adequately sum up my praise for how absolutely wonderful Kim is or my gratitude for Kim's involvement in the birth of my daughter... but here's an attempt. Kim completely exceeded my expectations of what a doula could offer during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience.

She is careful, attentive, encouraging, kind, thoughtful, encouraging (I know I said that twice, but it's worth repeating), and simply a wonderful human being. During my third trimester, she offered fantastic suggestions and provided a useful sounding-board as decisions were made related to complications that arose.


During my labor, she was incredible. She seemed to know exactly when to suggest a new position, when to offer a drink, when to encourage me, and when to step back and let things progress. After delivery, her presence was a comfort in the short transition from the labor and delivery room to the mother's room.


Following my daughter's birth, she continued to keep in touch, helping connect me with a lactation consultant, responding joyously to photos as my child grew, and encouraging me. What a blessing to have had Kim as my doula. I'll sing her praises to anyone and everyone. She clearly loves joining women and their partners in the journey of new life, and I've loved having her along for our journey! Thank you, Kim. Thank you.


I really appreciate everything that Kim did. She was the calm presence that we needed for an unfamiliar and, at times, stressful experience. We are first-time parents, and it was helpful to have someone who has walked through it before to guide us through and to talk us through our options. The doctors know a lot, but Kim was able to be personable about what was available to us. She was a rock when we needed it.

- Marcus


~ Gillian D, August 2022

When I found out I was expecting my 3rd child I knew I wanted to attempt a natural labor/birth. With my first two I had used an epidural. A friend suggested we find a doula and so we set about searching for one. It was overwhelming. We found Kim's profile and she seemed like a good fit. We reached out and she unfortunately had travel plans during the 38th-39th week of our pregnancy. We continued to look and were going to skip getting someone, but we wrote back to Kim asking if she could make a referral. The more we talked the more we were sure that Kim was our perfect match. She set up a plan for us using another doula as her back up for the week she would be away. Ultimately she was able to be present at our delivery.

Each time Kim visited us for preparation she made me feel confident that I could follow through on my plan to deliver without pain medication. My biggest concern was my husband. I wasn't sure how I would react to the pain, how intense things would be. With no natural birth experience of my own, we wanted someone in the room who could tell us if what I was experiencing was normal.

I ended up needing to be induced due to the concern that my son was measuring large (almost 9 lbs via ultrasound at 38 weeks). I arrived at the hospital in the morning 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant, already 3-4 cm dilated, and 50% thinned. My biggest fear was that once Pitocin started the labor would progress quickly and I wanted Kim to be there. She happily came early. She braided my hair to keep it out of my face. Due to the induction most of the pain management we had planned for (baths/showers/walking the hallways) was off the table due to the need for continuous monitoring.

Kim provided complete support through the whole experience. She was there when we needed her and seemed to melt into the background when we didn't. We do not plan to have more children, but if we did, we would absolutely call on Kim again. We can't recommend her enough!


~ Sophia Fishbane,  June 2021

On June 7, 2021 I gave birth to my son Rhys and it was the most magical day of my life. I was able to experience the unmedicated birth I wanted. And I could not have done this without the help of Kim who empowered me. Kim not only was an advocate and friend throughout my pregnancy and birth she was also a mentor, a caretaker, an educator.  She was whatever I needed her to be.

My pregnancy was long and became uncomfortable.  Kim was always providing useful suggestions to help with the discomfort at the end of pregnancy. Kim really listened to what I wanted and helped me achieve the birth I dreamed of  

Throughout labor she was with me every step of the way. She provided emotional support to my husband as well. Kim seemed to instinctively know what I needed before I ever asked for it. When I was thirsty she was there with water or juice. She was fanning me before I could even say I was hot. She was rubbing my feet when I needed comfort. She was mentally connected to me and my husband throughout the labor process. When I felt I could not go on, kim was encouraging and motivating. 

After labor she continued to check in and provided a beautiful timeline of the birth. I am forever grateful to Kim. Thank you Kim for helping me achieve my dream birth. Thank you for listening to my needs. Thank you for empowering me. I could not have gotten through without the support of Kim. 

Sohia & Rhys
Sophia, Scott & Rhys
Scott & Rhys

~ Mallory, May 2021



Kim is awesome! You should choose her!

Kim was our doula for our second birth. I had a positive experience with my first birth and I wasn't sure if I wanted to hire a doula for my second.  As my due date got closer I realized I did want a doula--I was a little worried about not being able to labor and push in any position I wanted, and I didn't want to have to worry about advocating for myself during labor.  It's also just really nice to have an extra person you know and like whose sole purpose is just to help you! AND you don't have to remember all the useful tricks for making labor less terrible. 

Kim clicked with my husband and me pretty much immediately and made us both feel comfortable. She's very open to whatever ideas or plans you have for your birth. She also had a TENS unit specifically designed for use in labor and it turned out that was Amazing. I was able to use that and a heating pad (she called the manufacturer ahead of time to figure out if that was safe) and it made all of my labor much more bearable. I also realized if I hadn't hired Kim we might not have made it to the hospital in time! My labor was very fast and if it weren't for some of the stories she had shared of previous births she attended, I don't think I would have known to leave our house when we did.  All the pictures she took after the birth were wonderful and I am so happy I have them. She also does a thing later to help cement the memory of the birth, it was nice to go over everything later and talk about it one more time. 

Kim is a very positive and encouraging person and she definitely made my birth experience better. She is wonderful :) 

Mallory & Mike

~ Rose McCathran, May 2021


It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation on behalf of Kim Mancuso at The Honored Birth doula service. Kim supports her clients with warmth, 'round-the-clock attentiveness, and enthusiastic, heartfelt empowerment. Her passion for supporting child bearers radiates as she excitedly supports and gets to know them. She explores resources to support the child bearer and their family, specifically tailoring to fulfill their needs. Kim is especially observant of the parents-to-be and their dynamic with each other. She works to strengthen the intimacy between partners during pregnancy and in preparation for the labor and birthing process. 

Kim is always open and welcoming in correspondence. She is eager to know what curiosities her clients have so that she may counsel them and provide them with helpful resources. Kim stays atop of the most recent research in the field, enabling her to support healthy pregnancies and birthing experiences. If ever Kim does not know the answer to an inquiry, she will promptly and thoroughly research it with curiosity and zeal. She excitedly shares her discoveries with her clients. 

Kim's compassion is eternally strong. She provides a safe space for her clients to express themselves openly and without judgement about any-and-every experience during pregnancy, labor, birthing, and the postpartum period. While she is always open to clients reaching her, she also caringly checks in to see how her clients and their families are doing. She serves her clients and their families in mediums that are most comfortable to them. 

Kim will work to help you and your family with the utmost kindness, support, and compassion during this tremendous transition. 


~ Paola, March 2021

Kim is an amazing doula! My labor lasted 13 hours and occurred overnight. I was super impressed that Kim was not only awake and there the entire 13 hours but that she was mentally present. Kim is incredibly caring and empathetic. My labor did not go as planned and Kim was there to reassure me and remind me of my strength. I had a rare occurrence where I threw up after every contraction and Kim was there to re-hydrate me.  I remember I kept saying "I can't do this", and Kim would always respond by telling me that I was already "doing it". Simple affirmations like that really went a long way. My husband and I are 100% hiring Kim again if we have another baby. 

Brandon & Paola

~Tammy, May 2020

After birthing my first child seven years ago with doula support, and knowing how invaluable it was to me and my husband, I definitely wanted doula support again for the birth of my second. Kim's passion for supporting and honoring mothers in pregnancy and birth was what drew me to her. She has a gentle, compassionate style and I always felt fully heard and understood. Kim reveres pregnant people and treated working with me like an honor. As a 38 year old anxiety-prone person birthing during Covid times, I had plenty of anxieties and worries about my abilities to give birth safely, and Kim supported me through the last few months of pregnancy with positive, evidence-based resources and text/voice check-ins as I prepared for labor. Our hospital allowed only one support person (in the time of Covid, May 2020) and I knew immediately that I wanted Kim to support me at the hospital while my husband supported from home and cared for our other child (she is the professional after all, not my husband, ha). That was absolutely the right choice for me. Kim was everything I needed in birth support in the hospital. She intuitively knew what I needed and suggested new methods of coping with labor and helping me progress. She encouraged me and also helped me advocate for myself through the changing conditions of my 42-week induction. The sweetest part was that Kim provided a critical link between my husband and I during labor, texting him and communicating his messages to me to keep us connected even though we were apart. Kim was an amazing and integral part of my child's birth and my birthing experience and I will always recommend her!


Much love and appreciation for the many gifts you've given us :)


Tammy & Martin
Lila & Martin

~ Jill-Arcangela & Ed, November 2020

It makes perfect sense that Kim Mancuso calls her service The Honored Birth.  That is truly a most appropriate title.  Kim has a way of making you feel as though she is truly honoring your experience, and we felt honored to have her with us.  Kim was just the right balance of controlled and soft.  She was warm and calm and highly attentive to my needs. 


Kim answered our call very late at night on Halloween.  She walked me through my early contractions, my water breaking, and met us at the hospital once we were ready to go.  She came prepared, introduced herself to the staff, asked important questions to orient herself to the hospital and the protocols.  She set up battery operated candles and lowered the lights.  I popped on some soothing music, and we all relaxed while the contractions allowed it.  Once I was rested and feeling ready to progress, she offered suggestions and positions to help move things along.  My favorite was slow dancing with my love, whom Kim was sure to include and empower from our very first meeting so he felt confident and engaged in the birth.


When the time came to push, Kim remembered me saying that I hated the final minutes when the room was bright and busy and everyone was talking and giving directives.  I had told her it feels out of control and hectic, and that I wanted to avoid that frantic feeling.  I wanted to stay calm and focused, and above all, I wanted to deliver my baby - a goal I fell short of in my first two pregnancies.  Kim was highly attentive to this happening.  She worked with the midwife, keeping the noise and directives down; and when I became overwhelmed, she put herself right in my view and somehow made herself the only voice I could hear.  She pulled me out of the frenzy and led me through the last couple pushes.  Focused and strong, I heard the midwife say, "Reach down and take your baby,"  Then, with my own two hands, I reached down and brought my baby Earthside.  Kim immediately settled into the background, giving Daddy and I space to revel in the moment.  She offered support in those first attempts to latch baby on and left when I was settled and ready for her to depart.


Kim truly held space for us.  She was educated and gentle, but also strong when I needed her to be.  She paid attention to the things I said in our very first meeting and made them her priority during our birth.  Her passion for what she does is apparent, and it really was our honor to have her attend our birth.  


It felt super comfortable with Kim there.  It really felt like we were one single unit.  When she needed to step up, she did. When we needed space, she gave it.  She had great intuition about that. We felt very supported. Kim was amazing.  The whole experience was amazing, but so was Kim.  Greatest experience of my life. 

~ Ed

Jill catching

~ Sara, September 2019

I cannot recommend Kim enough.  She is an absolute treasure.  She arrived at the hospital within minutes of us calling her, and stayed with us for over 24 hours.  Whenever it looked like I might need to change positions, she was always ready with a suggestion, and at no time did she push too hard.


I honestly had no idea what to expect from labor. I don't know why, but somehow I didn't realize that the thing to fear was the labor, not the actual birth. I went into it with an absolute terror of regular delivery. Kim helped me stay grounded. She was very comforting, and did everything possible to keep me from focussing on my fears. She listened to me drone on and on about my favorite topics, made sure I stayed hydrated, (something I struggle with even on the day to day), and was all around fabulous. Having her there was a huge comfort.  


One of the most helpful things about having a doula was knowing that she was just there to help me get through it. Knowing that she had no medical role or personal connection freed me to accept her support without having to keep in mind any hopes or fears she might have, and her support was tremendous. I'm actually not sure I could have made it through an unmedicated induction without her. She walked the halls with me, told me stories, wiped my face during the hardest parts, and would count through the contractions, giving me something other than the pain to focus on. When it got really difficult, remembering that there were 2 other women in the room (my mother-in-law and Kim) who had managed to give birth without medication helped me to believe I could do it too.


Once the baby had come, and we were home, she visited us a few times, and even wrote up a lovely birth story.


Kim is wonderful!

​~ Chelsea, August 2020

My biggest fear was not being able to have a natural birth and to have a hospital transfer from my planned home-birth. Everything about my labor did not go to plan and that’s why having a doula was crucial to help support my husband and I through all the unexpected bumps. It was so helpful to have another calm professional who made me feel safe and taken care of.


  •  What, specifically, was the most helpful part of doula support and why?

Offering different laboring positions, helping to keep me hydrated and nourished and an overall sense of calm.

During the pandemic not being able to have anyone else at the hospital was a big concern of mine. So since the state allowed Doulas a few weeks prior to my due date, it was so comforting to have another support by my side. Having a supportive presence during the most stressful time in my life and my husbands was absolutely necessary.

  • If a best friend was considering a doula, what would you tell them? Is there anything specific you recommend about me?


I would tell them that it would be the best investment for themselves and their partners during labor. It’s hard to think clearly yourself and your partner may be overwhelmed. Kim has a calming presence that is so comforting and she gave me the confidence that I could do it! She offered good contraction position suggestions and was an advocate for me in the hospital.

  • What was the return on your investment in doula care? What part of doula care was most valuable to you?

My labor took some dark turns and it didn’t go how I imagined at all. With Kim by my side it made the process feel more safe. I was so upset that my mother couldn’t be at the hospital so having Kim there brought a maternal energy that I really needed.​ She has

good energy, and is knowledgeable and genuine.

Chelsea & Ella
Ella Rose.jpg

~ Kiera, November 2020

My experience working with Kim was beyond any expectations I ever could have had. Where do I even begin? Kim was by my side my entire 72 hour labor (yes, she stayed the entire time!) I had a water birth at home, and Kim stayed the whole time. She supported me mentally, physically, and emotionally during the entire process.

Kim is very professional and worked seamlessly with the rest of my birth team. I do not know how we would have done it without her. She kept me focused during my entire labor and was holding my hand start to finish--literally and figuratively. You cannot put a value on what she did for us during our birth.

It is very obvious that she cares very much about her clients, and she will go out of her way to make sure you are well taken care of.

I HIGHLY recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a doula for their birth. She is an absolute angel, and I cannot thank her enough for the support, encouragement, and strength she gave me as we welcomed our first baby girl into the world.

Happy Client Created
Madilyn Grace

~ Allison, December 2020

I feel incredibly grateful to have had Kim with me for second birth. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my original doula could not come and thankfully Kim was able to step in. We had talked a few days before my birth on the phone in case my original doula couldn't make it, but we didn't actually meet until I was being admitted into the hospital. We immediately had a great rapport and I felt very comfortable in her care. My husband and I are naturally anxious people and Kim was able to put us at ease and create a calm atmosphere. Having Kim's support through the contractions with gentle words of encouragement and backrubs were invaluable. She also made sure I was drinking and eating enough and helped me communicate with the hospital staff. I tend to have trouble speaking up for myself and it was really beneficial to have Kim there as an advocate for me. Although my husband was a huge support as well, it was comforting to have someone present who understood the entire birthing process, what I could expect, and what my options were. I ended up requesting an epidural at 7 cm, but I would not have been able to get that far without Kim's support. 

I cannot imagine this birth without Kim. I know there is often judgement that women place on themselves to have the right birth, but I felt that Kim was great at supporting me to have the birth that worked best for me. As an aside, I also had fun just talking to Kim and getting to know about her and her family between contractions.

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