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My Story

Born and raised in Michigan, I have always been drawn to nature and nurture.  I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor's in Science in Natural Resources, Wildlife Biology.  I worked as a wildlife biologist in the field, at a nature center, and for years in animal medicine.  I also served for a wonderful year volunteering in Americorps NCCC.  I am married and have two children who are now in college. While pregnant I became fascinated with birth and birth work.  I was able to give birth to both my children vaginally and without medical intervention, with the help of a fantastic doula!

I home educated my children into their middle-school years, when they then transitioned into public school.  At that time my fascination with birth work and nature returned to the forefront. I volunteered as a wildlife rehabilitator at the Mercer County Wildlife Center, worked on a small local organic CSA farm, and began keeping honeybees in 2019.

All the while, my mind kept returning to birth work!

I took my DONA International Birth Doula Training in 2019, and absolutely could not get enough! After attending my first client's birth, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I love being a doula!  I love serving where nature meets nurture.  I am honored to be of service at this most intimate and sacred time of transformation, metamorphosis, and precious new life.

My Philosophy
My Training

I support and celebrate birthing people and families of all makes and models!  As your doula, I work for you and not the hospital or care provider.  I am dedicated to provide you with evidence based information that allows you to be empowered and in control of making educated and authentic choices.  Your goals become mine. Fear and anxiety work against labor progression; my primary purpose is to work with you and your partner and your birth team to create a fearless, healthy, comforted, supported, positive labor and birth experience!

Certified Birth Doula
DONA International Training April 2019
Certification earned September 2020

"Kim is an excellent member of the birthing team, a great asset!!! 5/5"

~Attending midwife at Princeton Hospital

"Kim was phenomenal! I could not have possibly had the wonderful birth experience I had without her help, guidance and dedication!"

~ Sara, Birthing Mother

CD(DONA) Certificate jpeg.jpg

"Kim was exceptionally kind, supportive, and played a key role in my birth. She was knowledgable and made my husband and I feel at ease with all the twists and turns that my birth took."

~ Chelsea, Birthing Mother

"I would not choose to give birth without a doula.  Kim was great!"

~ Tamara, Birthing Mother

“Kim's calm and patience were huge assets to the entire birth team, both family and to me.”
~Krystina Friedlander, CPM, Homebirth Midwife.

Use of TENS In Labor

DONA International Certification January 2021

TENS Certificate.jpg

For more information about TENS in labor, please read this article and feel free contact me!

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